Baby’s First Holiday

30 November, 2014

Before You Go

Firstly, try and modify your expectations. You can forget the long lie-ins and nights out that you used to associate with being on holidays. Your first holiday with your baby will be great fun, it’s just important to acknowledge that it’s going to be different.

If you’re desperate to get a little adult time while you’re away, consider taking a holiday with friends who have children of a similar age, or with family so you can share baby-sitting duties.

Lastly, make sure you choose your accommodation carefully. With a small baby, renting a small condo or apartment can be easier than a hotel, as you can enjoy a BBQ or a glass of wine after the children are in bed.


Pack Carefully

Check what’s available at your destination and don’t double up - another advantage of going for the rented condo/apartment option is that high chairs and travel cots are sometimes provided.

Pack the essentials like a travel health kit and plenty of sun protection, but remember, unless you're really off to the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to get hold of the main brands you're used to or equivalents that are just as good.

Going abroad? Don’t forget your baby’s passport. If you haven’t got one yet, you’ll need passport photos of your baby, their birth certificate, and a co-signatory. They can take several weeks to process so make sure you leave plenty of time.

Click the picture below for a handy printable checklist:

Flying With Your Baby

Most airlines allow parents to choose whether they want their baby to travel on their lap or in a baby seat, but some of the budget airlines insist that babies travel on a parent’s lap. Find out what your airline’s policy is in plenty of time.

When it comes to baggage, some airlines offer infants the same allowance as adults and some offer no allowance at all. Make sure you check your baggage allowances on the airline’s website before you go to avoid any extra fees at check in.

Click the picture below for a handy printable checklist:, Longtime Canadian Online Boutique, Gets a Complete Overhaul - PR News

24 January, 2014

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 –, the longtime Canadian online boutique featuring unique baby gifts and accessories, has been completely revamped with new product lines, new giveaways, a new site and two new, very passionate owners.

PetitePosh ( was created in Toronto, Ontario over eight years ago and has fought its way against competitive online niche baby sites and the ever growing expansion of department stores. Its success was due to the dedication of discovering unique, premium quality baby items and showcasing them to the eager North American market while maintaining the customer service you might expect from your local boutique.

Over time small improvements have been made. Sales were steady but not growing. That is when entrepreneurs Paul Baggio and Derek Szeto decided to do something about it.

“A website like this already has loyal customer base that not only purchases from you but tells their friends and family as well.” Paul explains as he answers why they made the decision to purchase the company over creating one. “These loyal ambassadors are hard to find especially when building a company from scratch.”

Breathing new life into a website does not just come from a fresh set of new owners. Both Paul and Derek have extensive experience in the digital world and established themselves as leaders in their respective fields. Derek from Toronto, a proven entrepreneur and founder of the largest online Canadian shopping community has gone on to mentor and establish many other online startups. Paul from Guelph, a senior manager and expert in online affiliate marketing, has over 10 years of professional experience with some of the largest Canadian digital companies in Canada.

“First thing was the redesign. We worked hard consolidating and purging products to deliver a clean site that was easy to navigate”, Paul explains. “Next came new products. New toy sets, kids bedding, unique gift baskets, personalized baby gifts all sourced from premium suppliers both local and foreign as we strive to find amazing products that will keep customers coming back.”

And the results? Well only a few months in and the “traffic and sales are rising“ according to Paul Baggio, “a healthy increase year over year as well”.

“We are not expecting big results yet. We are just now getting settled and are ready to unleash our marketing strategy along with some totally new product lines which will dramatically expand our business in the coming months. Stay tuned!”


Established in 2005, has built a reputation as a leader in unique, creative and personalized gifts for babies, toddlers and of course Mom. As seen on CityTv and in People and Today’s Parent magazines, PetitePosh has quickly grown to stock over 500 products from both independent and large scale manufactures such as Hasbro, KidKraft, Melissa & Doug, Caden Lane, and Baby Bjorn.

Contact Information:
Guelph, Ontario, Canada


4 Questions to Help Give the Best Baby Gifts in 2014

05 January, 2014

How to Give the Best Baby Gifts in 2014

Believe it or not, it is 2014 already and with the New Year brings new shopping trends.

So where do you find the best baby gifts in 2014?  With local department stores you have access to hundreds of potential gifts, but so does everyone else.  Today’s savvy shoppers are flocking to smaller, niche online sites with hopes of finding something truly unique. We at saw that trend in 2013 and we fully expect it to continue in 2014 and beyond.

These days’ parents are looking quality over quantity.  Keeping that in mind, try to find a gift that will last.  When you need to buy a gift for a baby or infant, most people think about clothes and outfits. Outfits are great gifts for babies especially for a ‘first child’, but if you want your gift to leave a long lasting impact, think beyond clothing that only lasts a new months.

If you want the baby to remember a special gift for a longer period, consider choosing a gift he or she will adore for years. A good example is a personalized blanket or personalized toy that the baby will have with them for a year or more and will be one-of-a-kind.

Before settling for a particular gift, ask yourself the following questions about the baby:

  • Is the gift for a boy or a girl? Gender is an important factor to consider when shopping for a baby gift. Although most baby products are unisex, there are many gender-specific baby items out there.
  • How old is the baby? Interests change with age. Different gift types will excite babies of different ages differently. Consider a gift that covers a range of years.
  • What are the baby’s interests? Even though babies are young some can have distinct personalities. Always consider this before getting a gift for them. You can ask the baby’s mum or nanny about the baby’s interests.
  • How safe is the gift? Always make sure you shop for gifts that are 100% safe. This means no sharp edges, small parts or toxic chemicals.



By Paul Baggio -

Personalized Baby Gifts – Give a baby present as unique as they are!

26 December, 2013

Personalized Baby Gifts  - Simply the best gift idea for infants, babies and, toddlers.

When a friend or family member has a baby, you want to make sure you can give them a thoughtful present that will show them that you are thinking of them. Buying the traditional infant toy or religious keepsake is the most common approach but with the major disadvantage of the fact that you may find someone else buys the same thing.

At Petite Posh we understand that finding luxury, personalized baby gifts at an affordable price is a difficult challenge.  Finding luxury baby baskets, and accessories online is not without its share of problems either. The standard of product quality and customer service varies immensely from store to store and this can often lead to disappointment. Therefore, our mission statement is to provide the quality of product and service to rival a leading high-end retailer, coupled with the uniqueness of unusual offerings that only internet web-stores can offer.

Our baby gift ideas are ideal for giving to commemorate a New Birth, a Christening, a Naming Ceremony, a First Christmas, a Birthday or a Baby Shower (to name a few!). Many items in our gift collections are suitable for boys and girls, using neutral colours which is a more modern and elegant approach than the traditional pink and blue.

We are specialists at delivering presents for newborns and when you choose to have your order sent directly to the recipient, we will make sure the parcel looks and feels like a gift from the moment it is delivered! We will also package everything securely and double check the order before we send it so you can benefit from peace of mind. We know how busy you are which is why we have designed our website so that finding and ordering the perfect present takes only a few simple clicks of the mouse. Online shopping has never been so easy! We also cater for older kids and you can pick up some really nice birthday presents via the Toys section of the store. 

And do not forget about the FREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 and our quick & efficient response to any queries you may have, 24/7 via email at!



By Paul Baggio -

Baby carriers and slings: Why should I buy a sling or baby carrier?

22 December, 2013

A baby carrier or sling is a great way to keep your hands free while enjoying close contact with your child. For some parents it is one piece of baby kit that they can't live without, while others never even consider using one. Weigh up baby carrier benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether it's an option for you.



Those who love baby slings and carriers say they help you bond with your little one. Using a sling or carrier means your baby is close to you and safe. A baby carrier or sling is ideal for keeping a baby where they are happiest – close to your body where they're comforted by your heartbeat.


In the early days of a baby's life, a baby carrier or sling can be very reassuring for your new arrival. Newborn babies have poor vision but an excellent sense of smell, so holding your baby near you means they'll be able to smell your scent and will feel comforted. It's also a great way to help baby bond with Dad.


If your baby suffers from reflux, colic or wind after feeding, holding them upright makes it easier for the gas to pass through their body and reduces possetting. An upright sling or baby carrier can help you keep your baby upright and comfortable.

Baby slings and carriers can help settle a tired, fretful baby.


Baby carriers and slings can help breastfeeding mums to feed on the go. Certain slings are ideal for discreet breastfeeding.


Front-facing baby carriers allow older babies to interact with you and other adults when you're out, and gives them a stimulating view of the world.


A sling or baby carrier can give you the freedom to tackle other tasks while holding your baby – such as eating a meal with both hands.


With both hands free and no pram or pushchair needed, a sling makes transporting your baby much easier while giving you freedom to do what you want to do. A baby carrier should keep your baby warm and snug in the winter, and a fabric sling will keep them well covered in the summer sun, too.


An ergonomically designed baby carrier or sling also helps you to take care of your back compared with carrying a little one in your arms. Slings or carriers which provide waist and lumbar support straps can distribute the weight of your baby evenly across your whole back.

Many parents find that using a sling means they can carry their baby for longer, often until the child is at least two years old (around 14kg) – or until they start to protest about being carried.


Using a baby carrier when you've got more than one child means you can get away without the extra cost of a double buggy.



Going out for the day with only a baby carrier and no pushchair can be a tiring experience, particularly with older babies.


Baby carriers offer movement and flexibility but you'll need to take extra care when you're carrying your little one, particularly near sharp utensils, hot surfaces and boiling pans.


Learning to get your baby in and out of a carrier quickly can be a tricky task to master.


Different types of baby carrier are suitable only for babies up to a certain size or age, so check its longevity before you buy. Some older babies or toddlers find a baby carrier too restrictive.


Overall for most parents the positives outweigh the negatives.  Ergonomic modern baby carriers are become a necessity for today's busy Mom and Dad.'s line of name brand carriers are highly rated and are available with Free Shipping!


By Paul Baggio -

New Site! New Products!

12 November, 2013

We are live!  Welcome to the NEW!

We are happy to showcase our new website to the world.  Take a look around and check out some of the latest products and sales.  

Be sure to tell us what you think!  We love hearing feedback as we constantly want to improve.