Personalized Baby Gifts – Give a baby present as unique as they are!

26 December, 2013

Personalized Baby Gifts  - Simply the best gift idea for infants, babies and, toddlers.

When a friend or family member has a baby, you want to make sure you can give them a thoughtful present that will show them that you are thinking of them. Buying the traditional infant toy or religious keepsake is the most common approach but with the major disadvantage of the fact that you may find someone else buys the same thing.

At Petite Posh we understand that finding luxury, personalized baby gifts at an affordable price is a difficult challenge.  Finding luxury baby baskets, and accessories online is not without its share of problems either. The standard of product quality and customer service varies immensely from store to store and this can often lead to disappointment. Therefore, our mission statement is to provide the quality of product and service to rival a leading high-end retailer, coupled with the uniqueness of unusual offerings that only internet web-stores can offer.

Our baby gift ideas are ideal for giving to commemorate a New Birth, a Christening, a Naming Ceremony, a First Christmas, a Birthday or a Baby Shower (to name a few!). Many items in our gift collections are suitable for boys and girls, using neutral colours which is a more modern and elegant approach than the traditional pink and blue.

We are specialists at delivering presents for newborns and when you choose to have your order sent directly to the recipient, we will make sure the parcel looks and feels like a gift from the moment it is delivered! We will also package everything securely and double check the order before we send it so you can benefit from peace of mind. We know how busy you are which is why we have designed our website so that finding and ordering the perfect present takes only a few simple clicks of the mouse. Online shopping has never been so easy! We also cater for older kids and you can pick up some really nice birthday presents via the Toys section of the store. 

And do not forget about the FREE SHIPPING on orders of $99 and our quick & efficient response to any queries you may have, 24/7 via email at!



By Paul Baggio -

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