4 Questions to Help Give the Best Baby Gifts in 2014

05 January, 2014

How to Give the Best Baby Gifts in 2014

Believe it or not, it is 2014 already and with the New Year brings new shopping trends.

So where do you find the best baby gifts in 2014?  With local department stores you have access to hundreds of potential gifts, but so does everyone else.  Today’s savvy shoppers are flocking to smaller, niche online sites with hopes of finding something truly unique. We at PetitePosh.com saw that trend in 2013 and we fully expect it to continue in 2014 and beyond.

These days’ parents are looking quality over quantity.  Keeping that in mind, try to find a gift that will last.  When you need to buy a gift for a baby or infant, most people think about clothes and outfits. Outfits are great gifts for babies especially for a ‘first child’, but if you want your gift to leave a long lasting impact, think beyond clothing that only lasts a new months.

If you want the baby to remember a special gift for a longer period, consider choosing a gift he or she will adore for years. A good example is a personalized blanket or personalized toy that the baby will have with them for a year or more and will be one-of-a-kind.

Before settling for a particular gift, ask yourself the following questions about the baby:

  • Is the gift for a boy or a girl? Gender is an important factor to consider when shopping for a baby gift. Although most baby products are unisex, there are many gender-specific baby items out there.
  • How old is the baby? Interests change with age. Different gift types will excite babies of different ages differently. Consider a gift that covers a range of years.
  • What are the baby’s interests? Even though babies are young some can have distinct personalities. Always consider this before getting a gift for them. You can ask the baby’s mum or nanny about the baby’s interests.
  • How safe is the gift? Always make sure you shop for gifts that are 100% safe. This means no sharp edges, small parts or toxic chemicals.



By Paul Baggio - Paul@PetitePosh.com

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