How do I move my toddler from crib to bed?  At what age do I move my toddler from crib to bed?  Is there any easy way to make the transition? So many questions from so many concerned parents.

We have researched and come up with 7 tips that will help to make the transition from crib to bed just a bit easier.  Keep in mind that each child is unique in his or her own way and the transition from crib to bed will be an individual experience, no two transitions will be alike.

1) Encourage your toddler to help pick out the new bed.  Let him put his favorite toys and blankets in bed to make it more comfortable and familiar.

2) When setting up the new bed try to set it up in the same place as the crib was.  This will give your toddler a sense of security and familiarity.

3)Don’t forget to buy guard rails to prevent your little one from falling out of bed.

4) Follow the same routine as you do every night when putting your toddler to bed.  If you usually sing to him, sit at the edge of the bed and sing or read a story…whatever the routine was in the crib, do the same in the bed.

5) Keep the routine of “requests” to a minimum.  If your toddler asked for water every night before going to sleep,have the water handy ..anticipate the requests before leaving the room

6) Be firm about staying in bed.  When you say goodnight make it known that it is now time to say goodnight.  Try to limit and eliminate the getting in and out of bed.  Your toddler will try to experiment with this new found freedom.

7) Most importantly take it slow.  If you are transitioning from crib to bed because of need for the crib ( a new baby on the way) do the transition slowly, many months before the baby is due.  If you are transitioning from crib to bed because of climbing out of the crib or toilet training expect anything…

Remember that whatever the reason for the transition some children find it easy while others find it hard.  Take your time, have patience and the transition will happen.  When questioning what age to make the transition from crib to bed there is no “right” age.  The age range is usually from 1 1/2 to 3 years depending on the child and the need.  The later age is usually an easier age to transition from crib to bed.