About Us

PetitePosh.com was started for everyone - mothers, fathers, extended family and friends looking for unique baby and toddler items.  

As a proud Canadian company going on 8 years strong, PetitePosh.com strives to find products that are in demand and of high quality to support our busy modern customers.  Everything from crib bedding, plush toys, personalized gifts to every day parenting essentials can be purchased conveniently from your own home. As a working parent with two children, finding time to shop was always a problem. Mall shopping was boring, every store carrying the same items, nothing different, nothing out of the ordinary. Wanting to spend as much time with my family as possible I always turned to online shopping for most of my needs. Not only did this method of shopping give me the time and flexibility I was looking for, but I found a whole new world of things not necessarily accessible to me. 

 At PetitePosh.com all diaper bags are designer made. The crib bedding and blankets are of premium quality. Plush animals and wood toys are unique and long lasting.  Your gifts will forever be unique, and the receipts will forever be thankful!

Have fun shopping and browsing our store, we look forward to hearing from you.





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