Feng Shui in the Nursery

Feng Shui in the Nursery

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science which reveals to us how to balance the energies of a space to assure health and good fortune to those inhabiting it. Feng meaning  wind, Shui meaning water, 2 basic elements which come together creating yin and yang with the flow of chi.  Admit it, we can use all the help we can get! 

Feng shui your way to a positive environment for you and your baby.  Using feng shui helps make baby less fussy, more comfortable,  healthy and happy.  Let’s face it, a happy baby makes a happy mommy, a happy mommy makes a happy daddy.  The wonders of feng shui!

Tips for feng shui – ing your way to positive flowing energy.  Don’t put the bed against a window rather line it up so that the breeze from the open window creates a flow of soft wind which will stimulate a mobile or gentle caress baby creating soft energy and positive movement.  The crib should not be put directly in line with the door as positive energy will flow out rather than in.  Have a solid wall behind the crib and the bottom of the crib should be at least 20 cm above the ground with a  clear space underneath.   No mirror or highly reflective surfaces should be facing the crib.

When painting the nursery keep in mind these colors:

Blue – water, ease, freshness and abundance

Pink – Fire and passion, the universal color of love it is the perfect color to soothe the energy, pink soothes the heart and fills it with love.

Strong Yellow – Fire, associated with the rising sun always uplifting and cheery, as well as creating a coze space, an excellent choice for a nursery

Use the Baby Spaces templates to assist you in positioning the nursery furniture.  The templates take the back breaking work out of moving around heavy cribs, change tables and dressers.

Need a little extra feng shui in the nursery?   Consider the assortment of decor and accessories in our Gifts section.