Age Block Set - Pink

$29.99 CAD $24.99 CAD

Baby keepsakes like these adorable Age Block sets will make photographing baby’s milestones fun and unique. Comes in Blue, Pink or Neutral

It’s Stylish

  • Colourful, cheery and SO convenient to use, these blocks are the perfect prop for baby and toddler photos.
  • Lightweight paper blocks makes them perfect to use with ease whenever you need them.

It’s Unique

  • Record your baby's age in days, weeks, months and years while placing the blocks to accompany any photo.
  • The set of 3 blocks, includes numbers 1-9 and can be used easily for multiple children and at different stages, right from infant to toddler.

It’s Fun

  • Have tons of fun capturing baby’s growth photographically with these age blocks.