Baby Teethers by Dano, The Very Best Non-Toxic Teether

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The safest baby teether is the Circus Teether by Dano!

Dano is a company dedicated to making play time safer by manufacturing toys in the USA out of FDA compliant medical grade materials. Absolutely no BPA, PVC or Pthlalates are in any of their toys and teethers. Each teether is made of medical grade material, the same material that doctors and dentists use in their equipment.

Each set of teethers contain 3 variable sized rings ( the monkey, seal and lion teether). The teethers fit snuggly in a stylish case. The monkey teether is the flexible teether. The seal teether is the firm teether and the lion teether is the rigid teether. A teether for each stage and each individual preference.

The 3 teethers fit snuggly in their own case so they stay clean when not in use.

The Circus Teethers by Dano usually ship within 3 days of placing your order.