Cool Wazoo - The Vibrant Vancouver 5 in 1 Cover

$64.95 CAD

Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary multifunctional product that incorporates a high-tech material on the inside that works as a surface that repels heat, a large diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and bucket swing seat insert. It's a 5-n-1!

Cool Wazoo features:

Cool Wazoo isn't one of those baby products you reach for once in a while. With its easy-to-use design and unique ability to adapt to five different functions, you'll never leave home without it. Among the long list of advantages youll only find with Cool Wazoo:

  • Large size that accommodates all babies and toddlers, yet folds up compactly for easy transport in your diaper bag or purse
  • Flat, one-piece design quickly and safely transforms into a swing insert, diaper changing station, car seat protector and restaurant high chair/shopping cart cover
  • High-tech interior material reflects heat back to its source to reduce surface temperature of swings and car seats
  • Large round shape of the changing surface helps to keep baby from rolling off
  • Offers a clean spot for parents to kneel when changing baby on the ground
  • Velcro straps prevent babies feet from getting tangled when removing them from high chairs, swings or shopping carts
  • Extra long life thanks to high-quality materials that resist breaking down even with heavy use
  • Easy to wipe down with a damp clothor simply toss it into the washing machine
  • Forms a pocket for storing wipes and/or diapers
  • Water resistant
  • Retains its shape even with multiple washings

The Cool Wazoo usually ships within 3 days of placing your order.